VIVA Open! Advancing Open Educational Practice Workshop Series

Introduction to VIVA & Open Educational Practices

In this session we explore the what, why, and how of OER, highlighting use cases involving successful adoption and implementation of OER.

Session Goals:

  • Connect and get to know each other.

  • Discuss OER goals, supports, outcomes, and expectations.

  • Explore exemplar resources and use cases from institutions of higher education.

  • Discover how to utilize OER tools to find, contribute, collaborate, and share.

Featured OER Guest Speakers:

Jennifer Kurtz / Associate Professor of English / Virginia Western Community College

Anita R. Walz / Associate Professor, Assistant Director for Open Education and Scholarly Communication Librarian, Library Liaison to Economics and Legal Studies / Virginia Tech

Engagement, Practice, Reflection & Advocacy Activities:

  • Engagement - Reach out to an OER Leader to learn more about their work

  • Practice - 

    • Register and create a profile

    • Join our Group

    • Use discovery tools Search / Advanced Search / Filter Results to find a resource you can use

    • Save the resource in our Group

  • Reflection - Share your goals, needs, and priorities in our Group discussion

  • Advocacy - Share something you learned today with someone in your community

Session Recording:

Session 1: Introduction to Open Educational Practices
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