Civil Rights for Indigenous Groups: Native Americans, Alaskans, and Hawaiians

The Trail of Tears is the name given to the forced removal of this tribe from Georgia to Oklahoma.

  1. Lakota
  2. Paiute
  3. Navajo
  4. Cherokee



AIM was ________.

  1. a federal program that returned control of Native American education to tribal governments
  2. a radical group of Native American activists who occupied the settlement of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation
  3. an attempt to reduce the size of reservations
  4. a federal program to give funds to Native American tribes to help their members open small businesses that would employ tribal members

Briefly describe the similarities and differences between the experiences of Native Americans and Native Hawaiians.


Both groups lost their ancestral lands to whites who also attempted to destroy their culture. Both groups also suffer high levels of poverty and unemployment today. Most Native American tribes are allowed to govern themselves, but so far Native Hawaiians are not.