Ethical Concerns

Section Quiz

Which statement illustrates value neutrality?

  1. Obesity in children is obviously a result of parental neglect and, therefore, schools should take a greater role to prevent it
  2. In 2003, states like Arkansas adopted laws requiring elementary schools to remove soft drink vending machines from schools
  3. Merely restricting children’s access to junk food at school is not enough to prevent obesity
  4. Physical activity and healthy eating are a fundamental part of a child’s education



Which person or organization defined the concept of value neutrality?

  1. Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  2. Peter Rossi
  3. American Sociological Association (ASA)
  4. Max Weber



To study the effects of fast food on lifestyle, health, and culture, from which group would a researcher ethically be unable to accept funding?

  1. A fast-food restaurant
  2. A nonprofit health organization
  3. A private hospital
  4. A governmental agency like Health and Social Services