The Rise of American Democracy

Review Questions

What was the actual result of Jackson’s policy of “rotation in office”?

  1. an end to corruption in Washington
  2. a replacement of Adams’s political loyalists with Jackson’s political loyalists
  3. the filling of government posts with officials the people chose themselves
  4. the creation of the Kitchen Cabinet



The election of 1828 brought in the first presidency of which political party?

  1. the Democrats
  2. the Democratic-Republicans
  3. the Republicans
  4. the Bucktails



What were the planks of Andrew Jackson’s campaign platform in 1828?


Jackson campaigned as a man of the people, intent on sweeping away the corrupt elite by undoing the “corrupt bargain” of Adams’s election, making new federal appointments, and elevating officials whose election actually reflected the will of the majority of voters.

What was the significance of the Petticoat affair?


The Petticoat affair divided those loyal to President Jackson from Washington, DC, insiders. When Washington socialite Peggy O’Neal’s husband committed suicide and O’Neal then married John Eaton, a Tennessee senator with whom she was reportedly unfaithful to her husband, Jackson and those loyal to him defended Peggy Eaton against other Washington, DC, socialites and politicians. Martin Van Buren, in particular, supported the Eatons and became an important figure in Jackson’s “Kitchen Cabinet” of select supporters and advisers.