The Filibuster and the Quest for New Slave States

Review Questions

Why did southern expansionists conduct filibuster expeditions?

  1. to gain political advantage
  2. to annex new slave states
  3. to prove they could raise an army
  4. to map unknown territories



The controversy at the heart of the Ostend Manifesto centered on the fate of:

  1. Ostend, Belgium
  2. Nicaragua
  3. Cuba
  4. Louisiana



Why did expansionists set their sights on the annexation of Spanish Cuba?


Many slaveholding expansionists believed that the events of the Haitian Revolution could repeat themselves in Cuba, leading to the overthrow of slavery on the island and the creation of an independent black republic. Americans also feared that the British would seize Cuba—which, since Britain had outlawed slavery in its colonies in 1833, would render all slaves on the island free.