A New Home Front

Review Questions

Why did the war not increase overall prosperity?

  1. because inflation made the cost of living higher
  2. because wages were lowered due to the war effort
  3. because workers had no bargaining power due to the “no-strike pledge”
  4. because women and African American men were paid less for the same work



Which of the following did not influence the eventual passage of the Nineteenth Amendment?

  1. women’s contributions to the war effort
  2. the dramatic tactics and harsh treatment of radical suffragists
  3. the passage of the Volstead Act
  4. the arguments of President Wilson’s daughter



Why was prohibition’s success short-lived?


The ban on alcohol did not take effect until one year after the war, when the public sentiments that had eased its passage began to wane. The law proved difficult to enforce, as ever-greater numbers of Americans began to defy it. Organized crime’s involvement in the illegal liquor trade made enforcement even more difficult and the procurement of alcohol more dangerous. All of these elements led to the law’s repeal in 1933.