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Sophie Rondeau on Feb 15, 12:46pm

I like that the module provides learning objectives and a clear organization structure using headings and sections.

I wonder if more assessments would be valuable?

Amy Marshman on Feb 15, 12:46pm

It is well organized. I like the learning objectives, but I also like a summary of assignments.

Mark Hamilton on Feb 15, 12:45pm

I thought the chapter on State Power and delegation was well organized, and the learnign objectives were clear. The charts and captions were helpful in providing an overview. THe OPen Stax logo near the bottom seemed out of place.

Jose Rodriguez Solis on Feb 15, 12:44pm

I wonder whether including more questions to cover more of the material discussed and the inclusion of free-response questions with feedback could help with engagement.

Charuta Mirajkar on Feb 15, 12:44pm

I am reading State Power and Delegation and I really like how the learning objectives have verbs : explain and identify. The chapter summary is concise and I like how it is followed by the questions. The two multiple choice questions align well with the learning objective 2 and 3 while the free response questions align with the 1st objective which has the verb "explain". I really like the alignment of assessment with the objectives

Joanna Schimizzi on Feb 15, 12:42pm

I like how the resource gives guiding questions to consider while reading the text - for example "As you read, observe the shifting power dynamic between the national government and subnational governments at the state and local level."

I wonder if there are any links to videos that could be included to help students who want to get deeper or have extra support.

Shelley Whitmeyer on Feb 15, 12:42pm

I like the learning objective at the beginning and I really like the questions at the end. I would also like the students to be able to check the answer to the second question and the 'hint' button should be labeled answer because it gives the student the answer, not a hint.

Jose Rodriguez Solis on Feb 15, 12:42pm

I like how the resource starts with clear learning objectives and ends with a few review questions to test students' comprehension

Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) on Aug 04, 03:10pm

This resource was reviewed by Virginia faculty for the VCCS.PLS.136 course. It was considered limited in the quality of explanation of the subject matter, limited in comprehensiveness, and very weak in cultural relevance for this course.


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