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If you haven’t discovered already, there are myriad open resources that exist. Often the trouble lies in locating those that fit precisely what you need. We’ve broken down these resources with the intent of making the search process more efficient and effective. For each you’ll find a list of unique traits, licensing information, and an example of how to attribute the source. Click one of the media sources in the Find Resources sub-menu for the details.

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Module 3: Open License

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A license is a document that specifies what can and cannot be done with a work. It grants permissions and states restrictions. Broadly speaking, an open license is one that grants permission to access, re-use and redistribute a work with few or no restrictions (definition from

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Module 4: Creative Commons Licenses

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In previous modules we had a chance to discuss the background of open licenses and what they are. We learned that Creative Commons (CC) is the most widely used open license for open educational resources. In this module, we will discuss CC licenses– what they are, to what they pertain, and how to mark our works with them.

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Creative Commons for Educators, Academic Librarians, and GLAM

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Creative Commons for Educators, Academic Librarians, and GLAM by Creative Commons is organized into the following 5 units: Unit 1: What Is Creative Commons Unit 2: Copyright Law Unit 3: Anatomy of a CC License Unit 3: Anatomy of a CC license Unit 4: Using CC Licenses and CC-Licensed Works Unit 5: CC for Educators 5. CC for Educators Unit 5: CC for Academic Librarians Additional Resources Unit 5: CC for GLAM Additional Certificate Resources (Template syllabus, Word documents, Epub files) are available here:

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