VIVA Course Mapping Hub

Find OER aligned to high enrollment courses at Virginia higher education institutions and reviewed by Virginia faculty. 

About the VIVA Course Mapping Hub

The VIVA Course Mapping Hub provides a listing of OER selected and aligned to high enrollment courses at select Virginia higher education institutions. The hub was originally labeled the VCCS Transfer Course Mapping Hub because of its focus on curating and mapping OER to VCCS transfer courses through the Transfer Virginia iniaitive. Later project developments included identifying equivalent courses at Virginia public 4-year and private non-profit institutions through the Transfer Virginia search tool, Where Will My Course Transfer, and course tags from a wider range of institutions were added to the OER. Most of the OER have been reviewed by Virginia faculty to determine their suitability for the VCCS transfer courses using three indicators: the quality of the explanation of the subject matter, comprehensiveness, and cultural representation. All faculty reviewed OER are identified with a Faculty Reviewed seal in the item record. Please use the Support pop-out widget to contact VIVA about these collections. We hope they are valuable to you.


Use the VIVA Course Mapping group for discussions, collaborations, and to consolidate and share resources.