Social Science, Psychology
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
Fact, Ethics, Deception, Scientific Method, Survey, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Experimental Group, Validity, Cause and Effect, Research Methods, Negative Correlation, Single-blind Study, Scientific Research, Archival Research, Statistical Analysis, Case Study, Positive Correlation, Illusory Correlation, Animal Research, Empirical, False Correlation, Institutional Review Board, IRB, Control Group, Independent Variable, Double-blind Study, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Cross-sectional Research, Experimenter Bias, Inter-Rater Reliability, Falsifiable, Sample, Psychological Research, Human Research, Opinion, Replication, Debriefing, Cause-and-effect Relationship, Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Peer-reviewed Journal Article, Attrition, Correlational Research, Population, Dependent Variable, Theory, Clinical Study, IACUC, Informed Consent, Random Sample, Random Assignment, Research Ethics, Generalize, DARE, Hypothesis, Observer Bias, Operational Definition, Reliability, Causality, Research Regulation, Variable, Confirmation Bias, Confounding Variable, Longitudinal Research, Correlation Coefficient, Deductive Reasoning, Participant, Naturalistic Observation, Correlation, Inductive Reasoning