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Psychology Learning and Cognition

Part of a larger project to increase the accessibility of the psychology course Learning and Cognition, Dr. Diaz-Asper proposes to develop a cost-free text for the course by adapting existing OER into a single resource. This resource would then be used as the basis for an online version of the course, increasing the number of sections of the course that can be offered.

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Marymount University Cognitive Psychology Syllabus (PSY 260)
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This online introductory cognitive psychology course was designed in a modular format that students work through from beginning to end. Each topic has corresponding OER material for students to review (most often readings and/or videos), a video lecture (not included), a brief quiz to check understanding of content (not included) , and various virtual cognitive psychology experiments, discussions and brief writing assignments. Currently there is no cumulative exam for the course, In lieu of an exam, students write a reflection journal, with entries due at the end of each module (five in total). These entries consist of a response to a prompt that encourages students to link theories and findings learned in the module to their daily lives.

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Jenise Overmier
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