OER Goals, Success Indicators & Collaborators

by Megan Simmons 3 months ago

Please reply below and share what OER goals, success indicators, and collaborators you are going to focus on for your OER leadership plan.

For example, my OER goals are to increase awareness of OER and to support faculty in creating and sharing high-quality OER. The success indicators I am going to track are the number faculty trained in OER, the number of new resources added to our Hub, and the number of speaking engagements about OER. I am going to collaborate with faculty, instructional designers, and librarians to reach my goals.

More information on idenifying OER goals, success indicators, and collaborators is available in the OER Planning Template 

Taylor Tharpe 3 months ago

My OER goals are to increase faculty awareness, learn more about how I can advocate for OER on campus, and plan future OER workshops. I plan to work with librarians to help in the planning stages, and work closely with faculty once I become more comfortable with OER and how it's created. 

Charuta Mirajkar 3 months ago

My goal is to build a collaborative peer group in OER-Biology. I have 3 colleagues from other VCCS colleges with me with whom I connected during a Peer Group meeting. If you know anyone at your institution who is interested in Biology OER, please share with them my email : cmirajkar@brightpoint.edu


AnneMarie Welch 3 months ago

My goals:

Learn more about OER myself.

Increase access to high-quality educational materials without financial barriers.

Enhance learning outcomes by encouraging faculty to integrate OER into their curriculum.

Improve discovery of OER for faculty

Michelle Brown 3 months ago

My OER goals are the increase awareness and understanding of OER and what it can do with the faculty.  My success indicators would be partenership growth. The increased numbers of adopters of OER.

Isaac Needell 3 months ago

Goals: Increase awareness and develop a ready toolkit of resources to share with collaborators/faculty

Success indicators: Faculty and Student Perceptions / Increased use of OER in classes

Collaborators: Librarians, Faculty Adopters, Student Leaders

Laurie Preston 3 months ago

My goals are to raise awareness and recruit additional faculty on the path to adoption/adaptation/creation of OER. Baby steps add up to forward motion so any step made in any area is a measurement of sucess. Collaborators will be faculty, instructional designer, and librarians. And learners!

Bring on board one at least one department each year for adoption of open text for intro course.

Have at least one grant application (any type) for each round of VIVA grants.


Bethany Mickel 3 months ago

OER Goals:
* (1)Solidify (or begin to) a 5 year plan for OER initiatives on campus.
* (2) Leverage the OEN workshop opportunities to involve faculty in reviewing textbooks as a path to open. 

Success Indicators:
* Actual production of a plan (Goal 1)
* Impact on Teaching & Learning (Goal 2)

* Director of Faculty Programs at Library
* Collaborator in Learning Design & Technology
* consider others...

Karen Bjork 3 months ago

Our goals are to learn the playing field, including our community's specific needs/concerns/opportunities, to build connections with our ‘evangelists’ through outreach and community-building, to build infrastructure and our capacity for growth, and to strengthen our connections with other OER librarians across Virginia.

Our success indicators are the number of new or expanded partnerships and increasing the number of instructors trained in OER.  

The goal/response is to better understand the resources needed (e.g., who else needs to be involved, what systems information needs to be added, etc.) and then create detailed action steps to take to get there.

Amber Gruszeczka 3 months ago

My first goal is to increase awareness of the cons of inclusive access, since it's been implemented on my campus. The success indicators I am going to track are partnership growoth in number and diversity, to increase the volume of the conversation. My partners will be my fellow OER committee members. 

My second goal is to learn more about creating and publishing OER. The success indicators are my own knowledge and confidence. My collaborators will be faculty and (hopefully) librarians from other institutions. 

Cheryl Huff 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Amber, I see the same cons to inclusive access and hope we can continue a conversation with the system office about it, as they are promoting it. I'd be happy to discuss any time (united front!) - C

Anita Walz 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Would love to talk with you, Amber, about OER creating and publishing! 

Sophie Rondeau 2 months, 1 week ago

Hi Amber,

A VIVA working group also compiled a webpage to support our members in conversations about Inclusive and Equitable Access Programs and Open & Affordable Course Content. You can find those resources here: https://vivalib.org/va/open-affordable-resources. I'm happy to talk about this with you further.


Matthew Shelley 3 months ago

My goals are to assess the current state of OER adoption at my institution and to increase OER awareness.  My indicators of success will be an assessment that compiles the known uses of OER across campus as well as the creation of a group, either formal or informal, of OER evangelists to discuss our best way to promote OER on campus.  My collaborators will be interested faculty, student leaders, and possibly administrators (our DEI officer or Student Success).

Unity Bowling 3 months ago

OER goals: Increase awareness and understanding amongst students and encourage faculty use of OER in curriculum

Success indicators: Uptick in use of or expressed interest in OER resources, responses to inquiry regarding student familiarity with OER, improved attitudes/outlooks amongst faculty 

Collaborators: Librarians, student leaders, and faculty

Megan Wade 3 months ago

My goals are to increase awareness of OER in my library and University as a whole (since my University does not currently have any OER teams/committees).

The success indicators I'll look at are: number of presentations on OER given and number of LibGuides/collections/websites that focus on OER (also tracking number of user views of those LibGuides/collections/websites); number of faculty using OER in their courses. I will collaborite with my fellow librarians, faculty, and university organizations like the Teaching & Learning Center to reach my goals.

My goals for the future are to hopefully one day have a dedicated OER committee at our University and to be able to help faculty with creating their own OER.

Ruth Castillo 3 months ago

I'm working to address one of my library's strategic goals: "Expand the Library’s open textbook initiative to a fuller program addressing textbook affordability and Open Educational Resources"

I want to do this by coalescing the ad hoc OAR work the library is currently doing into a unified OAR program. 

Success indicators: program purpose, stakeholders, plans, and assessment path

Collaborators: Office of Student Success, librarians, academic administration

Anita Walz 3 months ago

Goal 1: My goal is to draft a detailed, actionable outreach plan for Open Education and OER for my campus.

My success indicators include: identification of audiences, channels, contents/key messages to send (or learning outcomes), goal/response desired for/within each of these groups, resources needed (e.g. who else needs to be involved, into what systems does info need to be added etc.) and detailed action steps to take to get there.

Goal 2: Building more structure and support for myself

Cheryl Huff 2 months, 3 weeks ago

My goal is to bring the OER Planning Template to our GCC OER committee, which includes faculty, instructional designers, an administrator and a librarian as collaborators, to hammer out more specifics for advancing OER knowledge and support on campus, as well as systems to measure success. This is an awesome tool!  Success indicators would include having a plan for the coming 3 years, minimum. 

I also plan to share the template with my colleagues across the VCCS via our OER Peer Group Canvas space and ask for feedback. I know others can benefit from it, too. Success indicators would be interest in the resource and any feedback from others to continue the conversations about OER in the system. Collaborators: everyone with access to the space including faculty, librarians, instructional designers.