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How's your project going?

by Stephanie Westcott 1 year, 6 months ago

VIVA Grant Recipients! 

I wanted to provide a place for you to start a conversation about your grant projects. SO: 

How's it going? Facing any particular obstacles? Any exciting discoveries? 

Matthew DeCarlo 1 year, 5 months ago

The project has had a lot of great developments. We gained thirty peer reviewers from schools of social work across the country. Honestly, pre-publication peer review was way easier than I thought and I think it will mean quicker adoption of the book in MSW programs across the country. We also gained new student content creators, who are working on ancillary materials to help guide students through the process of conducting a graduate research project. 

One major obstacle so far has been time. Who knew writing a textbook would take so long?  Well, I guess most people would know, and now that I say it out loud, it seems obvious, but it was not obvious to me when I wrote my grant.  We were supposed to be done and published by August 2019, but life happens, and we've really lengthened out our production timeline. We'll have a beta edition that's been peer reviewed ready to pilot in spring, and we're looking forward to using within the LMS to get student feedback during the pilot. We'll end up revising and publishing the final resource in August 2020, a year after our initial estimate. It's been a learning experience but the core author team has maintained momentum in the face of lots of new life events, so it's rewarding.

Thanks to VIVA for all of your support. And I look forward to hearing from everyone else here!