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COVID-19: Success Within Devastation
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This book is organized into 9 parts, each based on a larger topic that students have chosen to study and write research papers on. Each part contains several short student papers, around 2,000 words each, exploring a different aspect of COVID-19 that relates to science, technology and society. Students were asked to examine their topics through research, gathering primary and secondary sources, both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed to support their arguments. They were also encouraged to apply several theories often used in studies of Science, Technology and Society, including Actor-Network Theory, Path Dependence, Social Construction and Tragedy of the Commons to their topics. Students were given an introduction to these theories in the course, and they were asked to discuss how one or more of the theories applies and helps to better understand their paper topics. Some students also engaged in additional research on these theories to explore their applicability. Taking advantage of the e-book format, student also used Creative Commons and public domain images, which are not restricted by copyright limitations to help illustrate their points. In addition to their individual chapters, students also worked together to write introductions for different parts of the book. These part introductions contain a brief summary by the students on why they chose to write on a specific larger topic and how their individual chapters relate to the topic. They also give students an opportunity to reflect on how COVID-19 and its impact on the larger topic they are writing about has affected their personal lives.

Composition and Rhetoric
English Language Arts
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Clemson University
Aubri Karr
Blake Swanson
Caitlyn Sauls
Caroline Mace
Carter Fricks
Christopher Rodriguez
Daniel Herlong
Eli Gosnell
Hannah Freeman
Hannah Wilson
Jack Klinge
Janet Taylor
Jordan Kinzler
Josie Hartings
Kyla Hammock
Luke Mowery
Melissa Kostecki
Nick Stiebler
Quinton Patterson
Sarah Mount
Stanley Finley
Susan Taylor
Thomas Neeser
Thomas Williams
Will Haskell
Yang Wu
Zarionna Robinson
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An Ecological Approach to Obesity and Eating Disorders
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Being able to step voltages to a higher value and step voltages down to a lower value is one of the benefits of alternating current. This book will explain how this is possible through transformers with a focus on single phase.

Career and Technical Education
Environmental Studies
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Clemson University
Ashley Jacoby
Becky Tugman
Brandon Perdue
Brian Weaver
Chris Matlashewski
Conor Coleman
Drew Belsha
Federico Martinez
Greg Goines
Katie Dzoba
Katie Yacu
Kelly Berk
Lauren Gohs
Laurie Barton
Maclaine Hanvey
Nicole Barber
Peyton Sutley
Randy Fang
Samuel Garrson
Savannah Shope
Sydney Worrrall
Tyler Mandel
Victoria Kellogg
Yang Wu
Zach Harley
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A Guy's Guide: What Every Man Needs to Know About Their Health
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Men’s health is an important topic as males can be at a greater risk for certain diseases and conditions than females. Advocating for positive behaviors and better education on men’s health topics is vital to both quality and quantity of life. They need to visit medical care regularly for age-related screenings and take action in preventing certain diseases. This book was written with men in mind; the goal is to educate men (or anyone concerned about them) on how to maintain health, prevent disease, and know when to seek care. Each chapter explores a different issue and provides an insight into men’s health through text and visuals such as infographics.

Applied Science
Health, Medicine and Nursing
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Clemson University
Acadia Morgan
Alyssa Sheppard
Avery Morse
Becky Tugman
Brandon Shealy
Cary Andreo
David Cote
Drew Belsha
Elsa Meyer
Grace West
Hannah Fortune
Jonathan Beatriz
Katherine Skola
Kathryn Root
Marissa Guimbarda
Meredith Reese
Morgan Johnson
Mytchell Ernst
Perry Fleming
Rebecca Corallo
Samuel Baxter
Sophie Gardner
Sydney Richmond
Tanner Huyck
Taylor Scott
Yang Wu
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