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Australian Politics and Policy: Junior Edition
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The first completely customisable, open access textbook on Australian politics, Australian Politics and Policy provides a unique, holistic coverage of politics and public topics for use in junior and senior university courses. With an online database of 40 chapters, the book innovatively enables instructors to compile a bespoke edition to suit their teaching needs, or to include individual chapters in course readers.

With contributions from Australia’s leading politics and public-policy scholars, the textbook includes material on Australian political history and philosophy, key political institutions, Australian political sociology, public policy-making in Australia, and specialised chapters on a range of key policy domains.

Each chapter was subject to anonymous and rigorous peer-review to ensure the highest standards. The textbook comes with additional teaching resources including review questions and lecture slides.

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The junior edition is aimed at first-year and second-year undergraduate students.

Political Science
Social Science
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Sydney Open Library
Adele Garnier
David Clune
Ian Cook
John Butcher
Marija Taflaga
Nicholas Barry
Peter Chen
Sarah C. Motta
Yvonne Haigh
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