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Elementary Statistics / COMING SOON

At Christopher Newport University, on average, about 550 students take MATH 125: Elementary Statistics each semester. These students will spend $90 to $250 on course materials. We want to eliminate their mandatory cost entirely while maintaining student success and ease of instruction with a four-pronged approach:

  1. Revise existing lecture notes to create fill-in-the-blank lecture slides that are easy for students and faculty alike to use
  2. Curate a selection of freely available open textbooks
  3. Create video lectures to give students high-quality online resources
  4. Create new homework sets that can be submitted on paper or online using the Mathematical Association of America’s WebWork, which is free for students.

Additionally, this course is equivalent to MTH 245 in the SCHEV Passport Program, and we will work to have our content widely adopted across the commonwealth.

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VIVA Open Grant Project: Coming Soon
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This is a VIVA Open grant project. As soon as it is complete, files and syllabi will be found here. Looking for more information? Check out the website to learn more about awarded grant projects: https://vivalib.org/va/open/grants/awards. 

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