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Pre-College Composition for English Language Learners

While there are currently a wealth of materials to address English composition, there are far fewer materials which meet the needs English language learners on a pathway to first year composition. There is thus a clear gap in the available materials in OER repositories. This project developed a set of course materials, including reading assignments, vocabulary/grammar activities, collaborative activities, quizzes, and exams that can be adapted to any high-level composition course for English language learners.

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Supporting English Language Learners in First-Year College Composition
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Supporting English Language Learners in First-Year College Composition is organized around five key essays, selected to coordinate with the essay styles commonly taught in first-year/first-semester composition courses.

This organization is planned to offer instructors the flexibility to best support the pacing of the composition course. There are 2 expository, 1 narrative, and 2 argument essays. Each module includes one essay, with accompanying activities and supporting materials.

Expository: Sweet, Sour & Resentful
Expository: Why Rituals Are Good
Narrative: Prison to Professor
Argument: Fake News
Argument: Misinformation

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