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Crisis Resource Management / COMING SOON

Creating an Open Education Resources Regarding Crisis Resources Management for Nurse Anesthesia Students and Medical Students

Crisis resource management (CRM) plays a vital role in delivering safe anesthesia care. The textbooks on the market do not cover all the CRM principles taught for the nurse anesthesia and medical students. Also, the textbooks have multiple limitations, including non-standardized taxonomy, outdated evidence, and lack of real-world examples, engaging multimedia, and other ancillary materials. Thus, this grant project will involve the creation of an Open Education Resource (OER) to support CRM principles learning. The OER will include an open textbook and multiple ancillary materials (i.e., presentation videos, real-world examples, simulation videos, a question bank, a teaching guide for instructors, and a learning guide for students). Given that there is no OER regarding CRM in the settings of anesthesia or other clinical care, there is a need for a comprehensive and high-quality OER. The OER will replace the textbooks used in the departments of nurse anesthesia and anesthesiology at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Old Dominion University, and West Virginia University.

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VIVA Open Grant Project: Coming Soon
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This is a VIVA Open grant project. As soon as it is complete, files and syllabi will be found here. Looking for more information? Check out the website to learn more about awarded grant projects: https://vivalib.org/va/open/grants/awards. 

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