Spanish for Medical Professionals / COMING SOON

This is a multidisciplinary collaborative project among three medical Spanish educators, a professional medical interpreter, two JMU School of Nursing Simulation and Clinical Laboratories members, and the JMU Libraries Media Production Services department. We will work together to create freely available and customizable interactive material (a Pressbook) for Medical Spanish courses. This material will include:

    1. Seven videos featuring common medical scenarios with Spanish-speaking patients and medical interpreters.
    2. Interactive, downloadable, and free to be modified exercises to assess learners' linguistic and cultural skills.
    3. And short readings and literature to contextualize the videos.

Most of the videos will include a medical interpreter; the exercises will focus on their role, the code of ethics, and common mistakes when using an ad-hoc interpreter. These videos will also depict the diversity of the U.S. Spanish-speaking community, including the diversity of the Spanish spoken in the U.S. 

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