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History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic / COMING SOON

The purpose of this project is to provide a replacement for the art history textbooks currently used in the course History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic and to provide standardized resources for instructors. This project will utilize available Open Educational Resources (OER), specifically Smarthistory, public use images, and other Creative Commons licensed materials. Materials will be chosen based on their content and accessibility. This will globalize and modernize the content for students, while also making it more accessible. In addition, lecture notes, testing materials, study guides, and PowerPoints will be compiled for instructors.

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VIVA Open Grant Project: Coming Soon
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This is a VIVA Open grant project. As soon as it is complete, files and syllabi will be found here. Looking for more information? Check out the website to learn more about awarded grant projects: https://vivalib.org/va/open/grants/awards. 

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