Interdisciplinary Engineering, Physics, and Calculus / COMING SOON

The proposed project would develop materials for whole or partial use throughout physical science and engineering degree pathways, including but not necessarily limited to calculus, differential equations, foundations of engineering, engineering design, and physics. Proposed work will include (1) specification of design-focused projects intrinsically mapped to mathematics, physical science, and engineering course objectives, (2) development of just-in-time recorded videos and content presentations deployable as needed during student project work, (3) publication of an interdisciplinary relational text that would viably replace the paid resources currently used in calculus, physics, and engineering courses, (4) codification of a hypothetical interdisciplinary corequisite course for use in the first year of engineering and physical science degree programs, and (5) integration of student contributions into the library of just-in-time content and the relational text.  

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