Evaluation Criteria

by Megan Simmons 2 years ago

Please share the evaluation criteria that you use to assess a resource by replying below.

Examples of the evaluation tools that we explored include

You can choose to share your evaluation criteria however you like, for example you can create a bulleted list or table, or you can write descriptions like the Open Textbook Library. Here is an example of how VIVA Open! has customized their OER evalution criteria VIVA OER Evaluation ChecklistOnce you have written your criteria, use it to evaluate a resource you found by adding a comment, and save it to our group folders.

Session recording and practice activities are available here: VIVA Open! Advancing Open Educational Practice Workshop Series

Jen Gyurisin 2 years ago

My evaluation criteria depends on the resource and the need. For this week's exercise, I looked at a collection of recorded short stories. For this resource, I used the Open Textbook Library Review Criteria, focusing on:

-organization of materials

-accessibility of the material and format

-representation and cultural relevance





Lauren Lang 2 years ago

Hi all, 

The checklists are a great resource and provide many important considerations to evaluate OER. Here are some ideas on what I’m looking for in OER resources to complement the active learning format of my synchronous courses, support and engage students, and fully leverage current technology.

  • Does the resource engage students through embedded audio, video, interactive visuals, and/or diagrams?

  • Is the resource interactive, inviting the user to engage with the content in a meaningful way?

  • Does the resource provide context for topics and attempt to connect to the user’s prior knowledge?

  • Does the resource provide scaffolding such as sidenotes/ definitions/ visuals/diagrams?

  • Does the resource invite the user to reflect on the content, connect learning to their lived experiences, and check for understanding beyond low level comprehension?

  • Does the resource invite the user to further explore the topic?


Amanda Newcomb 2 years ago

When evaluating resources, I look for...

- current and relevant information

- high-interest articles, videos, and activities that extend learning beyond the text

- interactive and engaging formats

- ease of use, with clear paths to the resource