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  • Christina Riehman-Murphy
Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap
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Open pedagogy projects can be multi-faceted, single-semester, or multi-year, and can result in any number of student-authored/created/directed scholarly or non-scholarly outputs. These outputs could include, for example, a public-facing blog post, translating a Wikipedia page, creating a digital scholarly edition, socially annotating, revising an open textbook, and/or contributing to crowd-sourced transcription projects. The Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap is a module-based resource that will assist you in planning, finding support for, sharing, and sustaining your open pedagogy project, regardless of its size or scope. The Roadmap will take you through four modules which will guide you through the 5 Ss of open pedagogy projects: Scope, Support, Students, Sharing, and Sustaining.

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Teaching/Learning Strategy
Bryan McGeary
Christina Riehman-Murphy
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