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Motivating Students by Design: Practical Strategies for Professors, 2nd Edition 
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Motivating Students by Design (2018) explains how instructors can motivate students intentionally through the design of their courses. The two primary purposes of this book are to present a motivation model that can be used to design instruction and to provide practical motivation strategies and examples that can be used to motivate students to engage in learning. Based on decades of research, Dr. Brett Jones presents a framework to organize teaching strategies that motivate students. All of the strategies presented are followed by several examples, which provide readers with about 150 ideas for how the strategies can be implemented in courses. This book will be useful to graduate students and beginning professors, as well as professors who are more experienced and want to refine their instruction or try new strategies.

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How to access this book This text is available as a whole book in PDF at https://hdl.handle.net/10919/102728. A print-on-demand version is also available via Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Motivating-Students-Design-Strategies-Professors/dp/1981497013

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