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  • VIVA.JMU.FIN.420 - Financial Planning and Wealth Management Syllabus
Principles of Finance
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Designed to meet the scope and sequence of your course, Principles of Finance provides a strong foundation in financial applications using an innovative use-case approach to explore their role in business decision-making. An array of financial calculator and downloadable Microsoft Excel data exercises also engage students in experiential learning throughout. With flexible integration of technical instruction and data, this title prepares students for current practice and continual evolution.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Introduction to Finance
Chapter 2. Corporate Structure and Governance
Chapter 3. Economic Foundations: Money and Rates
Chapter 4. Accrual Accounting Process
Chapter 5. Financial Statements
Chapter 6. Measures of Financial Health
Chapter 7. Time Value of Money I: Single Payment Value
Chapter 8. Time Value of Money II: Equal Multiple Payments
Chapter 9. Time Value of Money III: Unequal Multiple Payments Values
Chapter 10. Bonds and Bond Valuation
Chapter 11. Stocks and Stock Valuation
Chapter 12. Historical Performance of US Markets
Chapter 13. Statistical Analysis in Finance
Chapter 14. Regression Analysis in Finance
Chapter 15. How to Think about Investing
Chapter 16. How Companies Think about Investing
Chapter 17. How Firms Raise Capital
Chapter 18. Financial Forecasting
Chapter 19. The Importance of Trade Credit and Working Capital in Planning
Chapter 20. Risk management and the Financial Manager

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