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Early Childhood Education

This project addresses dual educational goals for the state of Virginia. The first is to reduce the cost and improve the quality of instruction received by students in education courses at state universities. The second is to improve the quality of early childhood education in the state by better educating their teachers. In order to accomplish this, Dr. Schull and her team developed an early childhood education text that is comprehensive and communicates essential information in language that can easily be understood and applied in the field.

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Engaging and Empowering Emergent Readers and Writers, Birth – Age 5
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This textbook, Early Childhood Literacy: Engaging and Empowering Emergent Readers and Writers Birth-Age 5, outlines the connection between different areas of language and literacy and describes strategies for supporting development and promoting instruction. Early literacy includes reading, writing, and language development. Writing includes any early writing attempts and pre-writing behaviors just as reading includes any early reading attempts and recognition of symbols and sounds. Language also includes listening and speaking (oral language) and the use of gestures and signs to communicate. The term oral language is commonly used to describe early language development separately from reading and writing. This text assumes oral language is a component of language and embraces the broader term to underscore the communication practices outside of listening and speaking. For example, some children use sign language or a picture board. For these reasons, the textbook will focus on language development in its totality, including oral language. This textbook is focused on birth to age 5 because early literacy development is crucial for future learning and development.

Early Childhood Development
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Christine Pegorraro Schull
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