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Aerospace Structures proposes a three-part project: 1) write additional content, peer-review, field-test, adapt, convert the non-machine-readable, non-editable document into LaTeX, and make the 365-page manuscript, Thin-Walled Structures, into a 500+ page accessible open textbook,  Aerospace Structures. 2) Aerospace engineering faculty will also redesign the three courses which correspond with the content in the book. And, 3) we will start to create and release a pilot database of relevant problems which will be exportable in numerous formats that may be imported to LMSes, and will be available to anyone including students

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Problem Sets for Aerospace Structures
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This collection of interactive problems and solutions includes over twenty-five collections of 3-5 problems each on topics relevant to undergraduate-level aerospace structures such as load factors, strain, stress, stress transformation and principal stresses, material properties, composites, equations of equilibrium, Airy stress function, thermoelasticity, failure theories, elastic-plastic analysis, fracture, beam bending, principal of minimum total potential energy, finite element method for beams, plate bending, buckling, structural dynamics, and aeroelasticity.
The problem sets were developed to help faculty provide regular formative assessments to the students without any corresponding grading burden (for the faculty or TA). The assessments can be given twice a week in a typical class and can help the students get feedback on a regular basis.

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