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General Chemistry

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The modern human experience places a large emphasis upon the material world. From the day of our birth to the day we die, we are frequently preoccupied with the world around us. Whether struggling to feed ourselves, occupying ourselves with modern inventions, interacting with other people or animals, or simply meditating on the air we breathe, our attention is focused on different aspects of the material world. In fact only a handful of disciplines—certain subsets of religion, philosophy, and abstract math—can be considered completely unrelated to the material world. Everything else is somehow related to chemistry, the scientific discipline which studies the properties, composition, and transformation of matter.

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Principles of Chemistry I & II (Open Courses)

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Principles of Chemistry I & II are LibGuides-based Open Courses with original lecture notes, chapter checklists, and original videos created by Georgia Highlands College faculty. The courses supplement the OpenStax Chemistry open textbook. The courses were created using a Round Nine Textbook Transformation Grant. The courses also contain a supplementary laboratory experiments list and set of video guides.

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Authors: Allen Easton, Erin Kingston, Sarah Tesar

General Chemistry with Labs (CHEM 161)

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A three-quarter general chemistry sequence primarily for science, pre-professional, and engineering students. The CHEM& 161/162/163 series introduces the basic concepts of chemistry: atomic structure and bonding, periodicity, physical measurement, quantitative relationships, chemical reactivity, oxidation and reduction, stoichiometry, ideal gas laws, aqueous solutions, colligative properties, intermolecular forces, structure of matter, equilibrium, acid/base topics, kinetics, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, qualitative analysis, d-block metals and coordination chemistry, and an introduction to organic chemistry.Login: guest_oclPassword: ocl

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Organic Chemistry Laboratory Techniques

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This resource was created by Lisa Nichols (chemistry faculty at Butte Community College in Northern California) as a result of an academic sabbatical leave in the Fall-2015 to Spring 2016 term. The target audience are undergraduate students in organic chemistry. In this resource you will find theory and procedures on the main organic lab techniques (chromatography, crystallization, extraction, distillation) as well as general concepts on how to set up and heat apparatuses (see the Table of Contents tab for a more complete listing of topics). All procedures are accompanied by step-by-step pictures, and graphics are heavily utilized throughout the resource.

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Author: Lisa Nichols