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Resources for VIVA OTN Members (Shared Folder)

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This resource links to a Google drive folder with shared resources for VIVA OTN system and campus leaders. If you are having trouble accessing the folder, contact Stephanie Westcott at VIVA OTN system and campus leaders should use the Google drive folder to share OTN-related materials (like customized workshop slides) rather than adding these as new resources in VIVA Open.

Material Type: Reading

Open Textbook Workshop (Asynchronous)

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Based on the Open Textbook Network Workshop, this asynchronous workshop allows educators flexibility to engage with and interact with the materials outside of a traditional in-person workshop using Springshare's LibWizard tutorial platform.  Topics in this workshop include:Introduction to OER (open educational resources)Review of the cost of higher educationReview of the textbook publishing industryIntroduction to efficacy and perceived quality of open textbooksThe attached text file includes the html code. We've also included links to a README document that describes the step-by-step process of recreating this tutorial in LibWizard and the list of in-workshop questions and answers for each section of the workshop. This should be everything you need to recreate the aynchronous workshop.NOTE: Archives of old versions of the html code can be found in this Google Drive folder.

Material Type: Module

Authors: Liz Thompson, Kyle Binaxas