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  • Dara Puspa Agustin
Pengertian Infrastruktur
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Pada artikel ini akan dijelaskan secara detil, apa itu infrasturktur, apa itu komponen-komponennya
This blog is a medium for the exchange of information on urban planning, regional planning, design, and development of society. This blog is also one of the news portal urban planning, editorials, book reviews, announcements, jobs, education, and more. This blog contains a number of issues of planning, design, and development, ranging from the regional economic and urban, infrastructure architecture, housing and community development, including the preservation of historical buildings. This blog also provides a forum for all the good planners, students prospective planners, politicians, and even the general public to ensure discussion on development issues can be run well. Readers of this blog may include: planners urban professionals, journalists, activists urban, developers, architects, policy makers, educators, economists, and civil enthusiasts and others. This blog was written personally by Dara Puspa Agustin, ST, alumni of the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM); Department of Architecture and Planning. The author also actively writing papers, journals and also actively participates in national seminars and discussion forums urban and regional planning. Readers can express criticism, suggestions or questions on the published articles or can also send an email directly to the author on the contact page which contained in this site.

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Dara Puspa Agustin
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